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While pretty uncommon, bicep tears at the elbow can be caused by a sudden injury resulting in arm weakness.


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What is a Biceps Tear?


In front of your upper arm rests your biceps muscle. Strong fibrous tissues, called tendons, attach this muscle to the bones of your shoulder and elbow. Every once in a while, sudden injury can result in a tear of the biceps tendon at your elbow. A biceps tear in this area usually occurs when the elbow is forced straight against resistance.


Symptoms of Biceps Tear

A “pop” at the elbow when the tendon tears
Swelling in front of the elbow
Weakness in bending the elbow
Weakness in twisting the forearm
Some patients see a bump in the upper arm created by the recoiled biceps muscle

How is a Biceps Tear Treated?

Unfortunately, a biceps tendon tear at the elbow will not heal on its own. Surgical treatment is required to restore full strength and mobility to the area. Our surgeons have several approaches to fixing a tear of the biceps tendon at the elbow. Some doctors prefer to use one incision at the front of the elbow, while others use small incisions at both the front and back of the elbow. Either way, your surgeon will discuss the options best suited for your tear and explain any post-op requirements.


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