Labral Tear Relief

A labral tear results when a part of the labrum separates or is pulled away from the hip socket. It’s most likely a result of repetitive trauma to the hip.


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What is a Labral Tear of the Hip?

The labrum is a ring of soft cartilage which surrounds the ball of your hip joint. It acts as a rubber seal both protecting and stabilizing your hip. While structural irregularities and trauma can lead to a hip labral tear, athletic wear-and-tear commonly causes a labral tear of the hip.

Symptoms of a Labral Tear

Locking, clicking or catching within the hip joint
Pain in your hip or groin
Stiffness or limited range of motion

How is a Labral Tear Treated?

Relief of symptoms can occur through conservative treatment such as physical therapy or steroid injections. However, to repair the labrum fully your orthopedic surgeon may recommend hip arthroscopy.