SLAP Tear Relief

Overuse, injury, or wear-and-tear can lead to tearing of soft-tissue in your shoulder at multiple places. When this happens to the labrum, it’s known as a SLAP tear.


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What is a SLAP Tear?



Around the outside of your shoulder joint lies a strong, fibrous ring of tissue called the labrum. It works to deepen the shoulder socket and stabilize the joint. A SLAP tear occurs when the topmost part of the labrum tears from front to back (superior labral anterior posterior tear). This injury tends to develop over time due to repetitive movements but can also result from acute trauma or age. SLAP tears are not all equal. They are typed depending on the severity of the tear. For instance, minor fraying of the top rim of the labrum is classified as Type I, while Type IV tears involve the injury to the bicep tendon as well as SLAP region.

Symptoms of a SLAP Tear

Deep shoulder pain
Locking, popping, catching or grinding
Pain with movement of the shoulder, including lifting items above the head
Decrease in shoulder strength
Decreased range of motion

How is a SLAP Tear Treated?

SLAP tears commonly occur along with other shoulder issues. Because of this, Onward Orthopedic partner physicians highly recommend shoulder arthroscopy to diagnose and repair SLAP tears.