Knee Replacements

Onward Orthopedics recommends knee replacements to patients suffering from pain and loss of function from arthritis.


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Why Choose Onward Orthopedics?

Onward Orthopedics will ensure you’re matched with an expert in knee replacement. Our partner physicians are all board-certified in orthopedic surgery and have abundant experience in treating arthritic knees of all levels.


With Onward Orthopedics, you also gain concierge-style service. This includes access to a Patient Care Manager who will help verify your insurance, schedule your appointments, follow-up with the doctor, and even prepare you for surgery.


Onward Orthopedics offers different types of knee joint reconstruction options that can be personalized to your level of arthritis to be as minimally invasive as possible.

How is a Partial Knee Replacement performed?

Your knee is split into 3 compartments: medial, lateral, and patellofemoral. In some cases, advanced osteoarthritis is limited to one of these three compartments. When this occurs, a partial knee replacement may be the best option to relieve pain. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the damaged compartment and replaces it with metal and plastic. The healthy bone and cartilage and surrounding ligaments are preserved.

Benefits of a Partial Knee Replacement

Quicker recovery
Less pain after surgery
Less blood loss during surgery
More natural feel than a total replacement

How is a Robotic Knee Replacement performed?

It all begins with a CT Scan of your joint, which helps the system generate a 3D virtual model of your knee joint. The surgeon then loads this virtual model into the Mako System software to create your personalized pre-operative plan. In the operating room, your surgeon will use Mako to assist in performing your partial or total knee replacement based on your personalized pre-operative plan. The Mako System allows your surgeon to make adjustments to your plan during surgery as needed. During the procedure, your surgeon will prepare your bone based on the operative boundaries created by the Mako technology software. These boundaries help protect the essential anatomic structures of the knee and help minimize trauma to surrounding tissue. This also helps provide more accurate placement and alignment of your implant.


Currently, Onward Orthopedic partner surgeons utilize this technology to perform partial knee and total knee replacements in Phoenix, AZ.

Did You Know?

CT derived, 3D modeling enables accurate planning of implant size, orientation and alignment pre-operatively
Allows for more natural joint feel and helps preserve healthy tissue and bone
Reduces recovery time and shortens hospital stay
Over 60,000 Mako procedures have been performed since 2006. 16,500 were performed in 2015 alone!
Mako Robotic-Arm Technology does not perform surgery, make decisions on its own, or move in any way without the surgeon guiding it.
Realistically, patients can look forward to walking, swimming, golfing, driving, light hiking, biking, dancing and other low-impact activities after their Mako Partial Knee replacement.

How is a Total Knee Replacement Performed?

Total knee replacement, also known as Knee Arthroplasty, replaces an entire arthritic knee joint with a prosthesis. The procedure is usually recommended for patients suffering from pain and loss of function from advanced arthritis in multiple compartments of the knee. You will most likely be up and walking day of surgery. Most people resume driving within 6 weeks after their surgery.

Benefits of a Total Knee Replacement  

A total knee replacement will improve your quality of life, take away pain and improve function. In fact, over 90% of patients who undergo a knee replacement, report a dramatic relief of knee pain.
State-of-the-art pain management post-surgery
Relief of stiffness within the joint
Return to an active lifestyle

Which Knee Replacement is Right for Me

It all depends on the severity of your knee arthritis. If you already have an X-Ray of your aching knee, contact us today and we will review your imaging for free.


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