Shoulder Replacements

Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition to affect the shoulder joint. It occurs when the cartilage cushioning your joints break down over time due to “wear and tear”. 



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Why Choose Onward Orthopedics?

Onward Orthopedics will ensure you’re matched with an expert in shoulder replacement. Our partner physicians are all board-certified in orthopedic surgery and have abundant experience in treating arthritis of all levels.


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Onward Orthopedics offers both traditional and reverse should replacements to treat arthritic shoulders. 

Traditional Shoulder Replacement

During a traditional shoulder replacement, an orthopedic surgeon removes the arthritic joint surfaces and replaces them with a metal ball and plastic socket. This allows patients to use the deltoid muscle to life the arm instead of the torn rotator cuff.

Patients with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis and healthy rotate cuff tendons are ideal candidates for a traditional shoulder replacement.




  • Less pain
  • Improved motion and strength
  • Better function

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

A reverse total shoulder replacement is an ideal option for patients who have completely torn rotator cuffs or have had previous shoulder replacement which has failed. During a reverse total shoulder replacement, the socket and metal ball are swapped, allowing the patient to use the deltoid muscle instead of the torn rotator cuff to lift the arm.




  • Very high patient satisfaction
  • Pain relief



Reverse vs. Traditional Shoulder Replacement

Unsure of which shoulder replacement you qualify for? It all depends on your specific condition. If you already have an X-Ray of your aching joint, contact us today and we will review your imaging for free.


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