What is the ACL?

Inside your knee joint are cruciate ligaments, which cross each other to form an “X”. The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, lies in front closest to the patella. It prevents your tibia from sliding out in front of your femur, while also helping stabilize the knee. Sprains and tears to the ACL are one of the most common knee injuries in the United States. They are especially common in athletes who participate in sports like soccer, football, and basketball. To restore the knee to full function for sports, your surgeon will recommend ACL reconstruction.


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ACL Reconstruction

Onward Orthopedic surgeons perform ACL reconstructions in an outpatient setting. You can expect to go home the day of surgery but will need someone to drive you home since you will be under general anesthesia for the procedure.


To begin, the surgeon will make tiny incisions around the knee. Using an arthroscope and small instruments, the surgeon will then remove the damaged ACL and replace it with a tissue graft. The surgeon will drill tunnels into your thighbone and shinbone to accurately position the graft. Once secured, the graft will serve as scaffolding on which your new ACL can grow.


After the procedure, you will undergo progressive physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around your knee and improve flexibility. Full range of motion and return to sports could happen as quickly as 6 months after surgery.


Why Choose Onward Orthopedics for your ACL Reconstruction

Onward Orthopedics will ensure you’re matched with an expert in ACL Reconstruction. Our partner physicians are all board-certified in orthopedic surgery and have abundant experience repairing torn ligaments and damaged cartilage in the knee for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. They utilize advanced pain management techniques and will lean on decades of experience rebuilding ACLs.


With Onward Orthopedics, you also gain concierge-style service. This includes access to a Patient Care Manager who will not only help you verify your insurance, but will also schedule your appointments and follow-up with the doctor’s office on your behalf.