Hip Replacements

Onward Orthopedics recommends hip replacements to patients suffering from pain and loss of function from arthritis. Our practice specializes in hip resurfacing and total hip replacements to treat arthritic hips.


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Total Hip Replacement

If wear-and-tear has broken down the cartilage cushioning between your hip bones, a total hip replacement may be recommended to relieve pain and restore function. During a traditional hip replacement, an orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged femoral head of your joint and replaces it with a metal stem. Then, a metal or ceramic ball is placed in the upper part of the stem. Any damaged cartilage is resurfaced and replaced with a metal socket. An spacer is then inserted in between the new ball and socket to allow for smooth gliding within the joint space.


When to Consider This Procedure:

  • Hip pain limits daily activities like walking or bending
  • Hip pain continues while resting, either day or night
  • Stiffness in a hip limits ability to move or lift the leg
  • Pain has not been relieved from conservative treatment

Hip Resurfacing

A less invasive hip replacement, hip resurfacing allows patients to keep their femoral head intact. The surgeon only removes and replaces the damaged bone and cartilage within the socket. Hip resurfacing is recommended for younger, larger-framed patients with strong, healthy bone.


Benefits of Hip Resurfacing:

  • May be easier to revise
  • Decreased risk of hip relocation
  • More normal walking pattern

Resurfacing Versus Total Replacement

Are you in need of a hip resurfacing or total replacement? It all depends on the severity of your arthritis. If you already have an X-Ray of your aching joint, contact us today and we will review your imaging for free.


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