Partial Knee Replacements

Partial knee replacements, also known as unicompartmental knee replacements, only replace a portion of the knee which is affected by arthritis. It is an alternative to a total replacement in patients who have limited arthritis in their knee joint.


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How is a Partial Knee Replacement Performed?

Your knee is split into 3 compartments: medial, lateral, and patellofemoral. In some cases, advanced osteoarthritis is limited to one of these three compartments. When this occurs, a partial knee replacement may be the best option to relieve pain. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the damaged compartment and replaces it with metal and plastic. The healthy bone and cartilage and surrounding ligaments are preserved.

Benefits of a Partial Knee Replacement

Quicker recovery
Less pain after surgery
Less blood loss during surgery
More natural feel than a total replacement