Total Knee Replacements

Total knee replacement, also known as Knee Arthroplasty, replaces an entire arthritic knee joint with artificial metal or plastic replacement parts called “protheses.” The procedure is usually recommended for patients suffering from pain and loss of function from advanced arthritis in multiple compartments of the knee.


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How is a Total Knee Replacement Performed?

During a total knee replacement, your surgeon will start by preparing the bone. The surgeon will then remove damaged cartilage surfaces at the ends of the femur and tibia. Once complete, the surgeon will position metal implants onto the bone. Next, the surgeon will insert a medical-grade plastic spacer to create a smooth gliding surface for your new joint. After surgery, your doctor will explain all post-op instructions. You will most likely be up and walking day of surgery. Most people resume driving within 6 weeks after their surgery.

Benefits of a Total Knee Replacement  

A total knee replacement will improve your quality of life, take away pain and improve function. In fact, over 90% of patients who undergo a knee replacement, report a dramatic relief of knee pain.
State-of-the-art pain management post-surgery
Relief of stiffness within the joint
Return to an active lifestyle