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You deserve proven, minimally invasive techniques to reduce pain and length of recovery for your ankle injury. At Onward Orthopedics, we partner with only the best orthopedic surgeons in your area to ensure you receive personalized care specific to your needs, no matter the age. Below is brief overview of common surgical solutions we carry out on a daily basis.

Jones Fracture Repair

A Jones Fracture is a fracture to the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the little toe. Typically, rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) is the first step. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the surgeon may immobilize the foot using a cast or boot or may try bone stimulation to progress healing. In rare instances, surgery may be required. At that time your surgeon will walk you through the best treatment options available.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure in which a small camera allows the surgeon to see inside your joint. During the procedure, the surgeon will use small tools to repair the damaged cartilage within your joint. The procedure makes diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from surgery easier and faster.

Ankle Ligament Repair

If rest, immobilization of your ankle, or even physical therapy does not help restore ankle stability after an injury to your ankle ligament, your orthopedic surgeon may prescribe surgical repair of your injured ligament. Repair includes reconstruction of your ligament using stitches or a tissue graft.

Ankle Arthrodesis (Fusion)

Arthrodesis fuses the bones of the joint completely together, making one continuous bone out of two or more. During the procedure, the doctor removes damaged cartilage and then fixes the joint in a permanent position using pins, screws or rods. Over time the bone will fuse together, allowing the pain to disappear.

Ankle Joint Replacement

While ankle replacement is less common than knee and hip replacement, it can help reduce pain from severe arthritis after all other treatments have failed. During an ankle replacement, damaged ends of your shin and foot bone are removed, while a prosthesis (artificial implant) is positioned to replace your normal ankle joint.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. Your physician will evaluate you personally and seek to understand your goals and your history before recommending which procedure you should undergo.

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